Frequently Asked Questions

Experience Middelburg. The most frequently asked questions.

Everything you need to know about our bike tour through Middelburg​

Where do we meet?

The exact location and time is stated in the confirmation email.

Do you provide a bicycle?

You bring your own bike, or rent one yourself at Cyclehub (free parking) or wherever you want.
Click here to book a bicycle.

What if it rains? ​

The tour is on even if it rains. Make sure you have good rain gear with you.

Are the coffee or tea and the local pastry “bolus” included in the price?

Yes! The coffee or tea and the local pastry are included in the price. You will also get a bottle of water for on the road which is also included in the price.

Can my children come along?

Children can come along at the tour if they can cycle independently and participate in traffic. Keep in mind that we cycle about 10 km.

How long does the tour last?​

The tour itself lasts over 2 hours. We will not cycle alone, we will also walk short distances where we are not allowed to cycle. The total distance is about 10 km.

Last minute bookings?

That’s possible! Just call Eef and check the availability.

Phone: +31 6 52652939

Are you already excited?

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In the 9th century, when the Vikings entered Europe, three ring walburgen were erected on Walcheren. Middelburg owes its name to the fact that it was once the middle castle of Walcheren. In 1217 Middelburg received city rights and grew into a flourishing trade center.